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    I saw Dr. Ressler for the first time today, and the experience exceeded my expectations. The office is clean, modern and inviting. I am not a Costco member, but it was easy to figure out where to go. I arrived as the patient before me was leaving, and the next patient arrived as I was leaving. It doesn’t seem like the kind of place where they overbook appointments for the sake of making more money, which I really appreciated.

    Dr. Ressler has a very kind and pleasant demeanor. I tend to ask a lot of questions, and he patiently answered all of them, plus provided explanations for things I didn’t think to ask. I never felt rushed, and I got the sense that he truly cares about his patients’ vision and eye health. (The same cannot be said of other eye doctors I’ve seen.) He took the time to give me helpful and actionable tips on how to avoid straining my eyes.

    The pricing is very transparent, and Lauren (who was also great) told me the different costs when I booked my appointment (I asked) so I knew what to expect. I opted to pay a little extra to get a photo of my eye, which seemed worth it to me. Dr. Ressler showed me the image and walked me through what he looks for. I was able to pay for the exam with my FSA card, and I left with my new prescription in hand so I can order contacts and/or glasses wherever I choose. 

    I will definitely be a long-term patient myself and can highly recommend Dr. Ressler.
    This is my second year going to Dr. Ressler.
    My first year I went because it was convenient.
    I went back the second year because he was very pleasant and thorough .
    It was a great experience. I plan to use him again for  my next eye check up
    Always a pleasant office visit from the minute you arrive. Friendly, informative and professional all around! He is a great doctor, thoughtful, kind and personable! I wish all doctors’ offices were like this! I am returning patient and always refer others here.
    Dr. Ressler was great. My appointment, inclusive of a contact lens fitting, was a total of 30 minutes. Very efficient and productive visit. I received good information and left satisfied with my experience.
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