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l3We are conveniently located inside the Yonkers Costco but we are an independent doctors’ office. You do NOT need to be a Costco member to have your eye exam with us. We do not sell anything – including glasses and/or contact lenses. However, we offer eye exams for the prescription of glasses and contact lenses, as well as comprehensive eye exams to evaluate the overall health of your eyes – including red eye and medical eye exams.


lWe specialize in today’s newer, more breathable contact lenses that are much healthier for the eyes. We have a large selection of daily, two week, and monthly disposable contact lenses. We offer contact lenses for people with astigmatism and people who need bifocal types of contact lenses. Thanks to the large selection of trial lenses that we have on hand, most patients can leave our office with a prescription for contact lenses, as well as a trial pair of contacts that are specific for their eyes!l2


Since we don’t sell anything, our primary goal is to offer the most thorough and complete eye examination possible. We strive to ensure that you will leave our office feeling confident that your eyes are in the best possibly hands. We genuinely care for the health and comfort of your eyes and your satisfaction is our priority.


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