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Caring for your Contact Lenses

contact lensesFor people who are prescribed extended-wear contact lenses, it is of the utmost importance that they replace their lenses on a regular basis. In today’s busy world, time passes quickly; days turn into weeks before we know it! It is oftentimes difficult to keep track of how long we’ve been wearing same lenses. Unfortunately, some of us are reminded too late–when conjunctivitis, the ocular infection commonly known as Pink Eye, has already set in. While this is not a serious malady, it is nonetheless an affliction to avoid.


According to a recent article on the Optometry Times® website, it is crucial that patients not only replace their contact lenses regularly, but also the lens case and solution. Dr. Bowling, the chief optometric editor of Optometry Times, provides his patients with comprehensive reproductions of the Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators Healthy Soft Contact Lens Habits which includes a handy lens replacement schedule and the recommended of contact lens cleaning and saline solutions. Now, there is additional assistance for those of us who still have difficulty in remembering not to forget.


With the advent of the SmartPhone comes an app that alerts us when it is time to change our lenses, and also to make and keep appointments  with eyecare professionals. Along with online calendars that encourage patients to embrace a contact lens care routine, there is also the Acuminder® application. This innovative system affords the option of receiving text messages or email reminders—free of charge—when it is time to replace contact lenses and/or schedule an office visit.


The key to maintaining optimal eye health is guidance, vigilance and regular visits to the office of your eye care professional. The Acuminder® application is a fabulous tool that can help you do just that!



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