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Let the Sunshine In!

Robust Vitamin D Levels may Help Prevent Glaucoma


 Recent studies indicate that people who do not incorporate enough Vitamin D in their diets are at a higher risk for developing glaucoma.

vitamin_dThe research team at Public Health Nutrition was able to draw parallels between low levels of Vitamin D and the pervasiveness of open-angle glaucoma among some 6,000 South Koreans. The chances of developing glaucoma for the participants in this study were considerably higher when low serum levels of Vitamin D were reported.

By far, the best way to raise Vitamin D levels in adults is the natural way—from the sun. Depending on your age, location and other factors, as little as 15 minutes per day during the peak hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm can help increase the levels of Vitamin D.   Of course, it is best to check with your healthcare professional before beginning a sunlight or vitamin supplement regimen.  

Researchers also discovered that low levels of Vitamin D are also linked to optic nerve degeneration and intraocular pressure—which can cause glaucoma.  

After getting the OK from your doctor, grab your sunscreen, don your shades and reap the health benefits of the sun’s rays!

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